The purpose of these events is to expose
Milwaukee’ s youth to Milwaukee-based art and
to provide them with the opportunity to
appreciate that art with community members
(artist, educators, peers. etc.) in a space
safe for free-thinking and dialogue.

This space, momentarily, has two
aspirations: First, to encourage Milwaukee’s
active youth artists to continue to use
their craft as a means to developing
themselves and their ideas, which will be
accomplished by providing them with an
opportunity to showcase their work alongside
an already prominent name in Milwaukee
music. painting. etc.: Second, to empower
the attendees with knowledge about
themselves, their community, and the space
they occupy in the world, which will be
accomplished by providing everyone present
with the opportunity to use the art
showcased as the foundation of a dialogue to
explore complicated and abstract ideas
therein and any other pressing questions,
comments, or concerns about the human
condition. Essentially. art appreciation as
a means of building community centered
around literacy and love.

We hope that every attendee will continue to
support the efforts of people(s) to explore
the human condition through a craft and will
use this space as a model to guide future
interactions with art, the universe, the
community, friends and family, and, most
importantly. yourself.

The statement above is and always will be a
working draft. Human beings are dynamic, not
static, and I am so unbelievably stoked to
see how this space is influenced by all of
us here and how we all contribute to shaping
what’ s to come!

On behalf or this space and all the
volunteers and artists,